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SMC SY3000, 5 Port Solenoid Valve

SMC has improved product performance and reliability with the redesigned SY series valve. The SY3000 and SY5000 have the same valve width as their predecessors, but the flow has b[2014-04-08]

ASCA 2/2 SERIES 8260 Direct Acting Plastic Body Solenoid Valves

Hose Bib, Compression Connection or 1/4" Male Flare[2014-03-26]

ASCO 5256 Direct Acting Subminiature Solenoid Valves 1/8" and 1/4" NPT

Approvals UL recognized coil - File E153691 CSA certified coil - see CSA certificate No. 113111 Meets applicable CE directives NSF (Designated models only, see table) • NSF 61 - D[2014-03-24]

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Shanghai Enine Pump & Valve Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai AFK Valve Co., Ltd.
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Shanghai Saitai Pump & Valve CO., Lid.
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