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Serie 1335 Solenoid Valve

Forged brass, stainless steel body.BSP or NPT threaded connections.[2014-05-20]

Jefferson Serie 1327 Solenoid Valve

Normally closed and normally open.Direct acting. No minimum differential pressure to operate.Brass, iron, stainless steel body. [2014-05-12]

Serie 1314 Solenoid Valve

Normally closed.Pilot operated.Bronze, stainless steel body.BSP or NPT threaded connection. Normalmente cerrado. Operada por piloto. Bronce, acero inoxidable body.bsp o NPT conexi[2014-05-07]

Mid-Range valves operate under a wide variety of environments and applications

Similar in size and function to the 8 Series valves, our lower cost 7 Series Solenoid Valves feature a more economical but powerful coil design for most operating environments. Sim[2014-05-04]

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